seeds of liberation

Thought seeds cast into the mycelium collective to root network and net rootwork...

"Don't let them get your goat!"   

Here we are, all of us, stumbling on the crumbling remains of the old Roman road.  The unbending, linear remnant of our Colonial pasts; rigidly flattening all before it.  Empire forcing its straight and narrow line through curvaceous, lush and feral mountains.  Lined with false profits, theives, warlords and rapists - the temple road is unfit .   It consumes life and generates death and longing.

In this season of opening, I invite us to move, gently, into a different lane.   

Away from the sorcery of domination which disengages us from our free and animate spirits.  Away from perpetual cycles of suffering.  Away from the grind which harvests our labor, exploits our magic and eats our fruits.

I invite us to find  our way back to  the path that animals intuit; the path liminally glinted in shifting light; the path of water.  The path of magic, fairies, possibility and creation.  The path of collective conscious - the Natural Path.   The direction consent leads -  towards mutual benefit, reciprocity, generosity,  and regeneration.

In the infinite and fully animist body of the Mother, where our living blood remembers it is kin to river and rock, wave and ocean, perhaps we can find each other like pooling droplets of water, gathering and feeling our way together - in flow - intuiting towards the stream of greater consciousness. where we share meaning and being with bacteria, whales and wind.

What guides can we trust to lead us faithfully home to the path of the Mother?

Perhaps we can learn how to ask the trees.  Our beloved protectors, first providers and honest witnesses to our many generations.   Star watchers, futurists and wisdom collectors.  Generous medicine allies, vibrational listeners and  singers of songs . Their collective memories shared in root lineages from  generation to generation.    We must remember our place in the family tree so that we can hear their songs once again.  If we listen perhaps we can re-learn new ways of being.

We are all seed and fruit of the ancestral tree whose roots reach down to the beginning of time.  Our lineage is not skin deep.  We are Infinite. 

Radiate GRACE.

We pray in rings for the healing of all suffering experienced by the plant, land, human and animal spirits that have called this sacred territory home.  We stand in loving union and loyal sisterhood with our relatives.  

In holding sacred ceremony on this land, we seek to repair and heal the shared trauma histories of the land, trees and people. The spirits of the ancients and ancestors who rooted in this land resonate deeply.  

We are all seed and fruit of the ancestral tree whose roots reach down to the beginning of time. Our heritage is not skin deep.  We are infinite.   

"Our mission is to co-dream visions more compelling than oppression, and more honest than supremacy. And then move from imagination all the way to new practice." -- adrienne maree brown

"Every day get up with a good mind." -  Avrol Looking Horse

Anansi the Spider distributes FREE canabis seeds to interested gardeners to promote community health and wellness sovereignty.  Anansi's seeds are harvested from naturally pollinated plants.  They are freely given away and intended to be grown and shared (legally) with the community.  They will grow into both male and female plants.

These seeds can be planted anywhere it is warm and sunny where they will have plenty of room to grow and watered/fertilized as needed on a regular basis.   

The seeds distributed by Anansi can be soaked overnight in water then planted into a small pot and placed in a warm sunny window indoors.  If transplanted outdoors in May, they will be ready to harvest around fall equinox.  Anansi's seeds are  a hybridized mix of several strains including THC & CBD.

Anansi's Seeds of Liberation Project


Soul Sister

Family Tree 
  • Root crown: Where the tree below meets the tree above

  • Sapwood: New wood that moves water  from the roots to the top of the tree

  • Heartwood: dead (ancestral) wood that is the central, supporting pillar of the tree

  • Bole: Main trunk, measured from the base of the tree to the first branch

  • Auxins: Growth hormones made by new leaves

  • Cambien cell layer: Grows new bark with auxins

It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.  - St. Francis of Assisi


Anamism:  The belief that all natural phenomenon, including plants, animals, rocks, object, places, weather and  elements all possess a distinct spiritual essence and awareness.  

We center queerness in our commitment to liberation because we can only all be free when we can all freely love.

This is Stolen Land

Closer to Fine Farm and the surrounding region is the unceded territory of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band of the Ohlone people.  The Descendants of indigenous people taken to missions Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast are working hard today to restore traditional stewardship practices on these lands and heal from historical trauma.  

From the late 1800's to mid 1900's lumber corporations pillaged the ancient redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains near Closer to Fine Farm and clear cut up to 90% of old growth trees.  Relatives had sat in place on this land for hundreds, and in some cases over 1,000 years.  The burned out bodies of the stolen ancestors remain as testament to the violence committed against them.

Historic records and artifacts suggest the land at Closer to Fine Farm was used as a mill site and the river commandeered to transport the fallen ancestors. The trees, land and water remember.

May our work bring healing to these communal wounds and honor the ancestors.  Ase.

Respect Your Elders

May your spirit call in the medicine you need to be free.

"There's more than one answer to these questions, pointing me in a crooked line. And the less I seek my source for some difinitive, the closer I am to fine."  -- Indigo Girls

Fairy Queendom




Black Medicine

Black Magic

Black Power

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." W.B. Yeats

This is what it looks like

to fly against the wind

in the face of full resistance.


The annual Autumn ritual of releasing one's old feathers, to be regrown and renewed for the next season.  


Similar in meaning and season to trees dropping and regrowing their leaves.  A necessary letting go.

Goats are not sheep. 

They do not follow passively.

They stand up.  They lock horns. 

They butt heads.  They resist.

Goats are divine.

Hail the goatish resisters.





black to earth

black to nature

black to our bodies

black to our spirits

black magic

black love

black seasons

black knowing

black medicine


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