An incantation to the Divine Mother in her infinite act of Creation. 

I claim myself as seed and fruit of the ancestral tree whose roots reach down to the beginning of time. 

My body holds memory of you,  my earliest Mother,  and I am your beloved child.  

Thank you for the life force you have breathed into me and the holy water that you nourish me with.   

In this time of rending and unpiecing, I give thanks for my own composting.  As I let go of old ideas and thoughts, I release their energies into  your infinite exaltation to  recompose and be made new.   

I claim myself as your daughter and rightful heir to the magic of our lineage. I honor you with the living alter of my life.

I claim with immediacy 

the full wisdom and power of my ancient magic shapeshifting faerie witch pagan healer hoodoo earthy sexy mother goddess sappho sapphire shamanic prophet selves as the relevant and reverent reflection of your spark of life, Mami.  I declare myself free of all bonds of oppression and claim as my inheritance and the inheritance of my children and my children's children forever the immediate grace of the gifts we are entitled to.  

I claim my right to freely love 

and to be infinitely loved.

I claim my birthright as the beloved daughter of Nature to be surrounded by living things.

I claim my lineage and familial connection to the water, soil, rocks, plants and trees and to the birds and all creatures on land and sea.

My heritage is not skin deep;

I am infinite.

I claim the right to be free and safe in my environment.  I claim the right to live in  peace and harmony without oppression. 

I manifest that which I seek.







I claim myself


And filled with grace.

I accept these blessings in honor of my ancestors and will pass them forward to my children and their children who come after.

The legacy of slavery which we have survived ends here on this day as I declare myself, my children and my people to be free and the rightful heirs of magic.  



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