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Black Rematriation

More than land.  More than farming.   Closer to Fine Farm is a land based practice of deep, ancestral re-membering.  It is a tap root connection  to the Mother.  It is a gathering of the ancient tribe liminally lighted by black femme intelligence .  

A moon garden .  An alignment.  A circle.

Heart energy is attached to symbiotic relationships  and  animist community rather than production and extraction.   Methodologies are replaced with conscious unknowing.  Leadership, adaptive learning  and consent supplant power.   

The Mother's daughter, as sacred land steward, is rootly entwined with the infinite chorus of land, plant, animal and water spirits who breath this land.  The land  generously reciprocates in beautiful energetic exchange. 


I don't have to be visable to be viable on my path.  -- Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Undrowned

Black to Earth is a project of Closer to Fine Farm , a small goat farm in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, shepherded by Montez Freewoman.  

We welcome guests, volunteers and small events which celebrate and heal our community.  In the spirit of reciprocity and mutuality we ask guests and events to consider how they can meaningfully contribute their talents, skills, energy and knowledge towards the farm, thereby paying homage to the Mother and the many spirit residents of Closer to Fine Farm.

You can contact us or schedule a visit by emailing the link below.  COVID safety protocols apply to in-person visits.

Montez Freewoman started Closer to Fine Farm in 2016 as a direct response to the spiritual and cultural needs of our times,  calling on the Divine Mother, earth and ancestors to heal our collective consciousness -- reconnecting  spirit to  roots.  

email peace@blacktoearth.org @mountain.goatess @closertofinefarm


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